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Annecy Classics: Baron Münchausen

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Enjoy an out-of-this-world trip into the whimsical imagination of Karel Zeman with his film "Baron Münchausen".

The Annecy Classics programme is a way for the Festival to pay tribute to timeless films that have made their mark on the history of animation. Among the classics in this genre, you’ll find Baron Münchausen.

Directly inspired by the legendary exploits of Baron Munchausen, a fictional nobleman from German literature, Baron Münchausen was revered for its audacity and artistic choices. Transitioning between animation and live action with real actors, the film depicts the adventures of an astronaut named Tonik who meets Baron Münchausen and several Jules Verne characters on the moon.

Sprinkled with dreams and romance, this fantastic film is a visual delight that’s full of references to the legendary master of illusion Georges Méliès, who himself made a film adaptation of the adventures of Baron Munchausen in 1911 in his film entitled Baron Münchausen's Dream.

Brush up on your classics and get lost in this fanciful fable that has aged rather well.


"Short Cuts" Arte Court-circuit

As an opener to this Annecy Classics special programme, discover an animated short based on a classic film and made as part of "Short Cuts" from Arte’s Court-circuit: Short Cuts "Jacques Tati’s Jour de fête", animated by Zaven Najjar.

Short cuts


  • Short cuts "Jour de fête de Jacques Tati"

    France - Zaven NAJJAR

  • Le Baron de Crac

    Czech Republic - Karel ZEMAN