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Erotic Animation: Tastes and Colours…: La joie de vivre

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An ode to animated representations of sexual desire with La joie de vivre section of the special programme on erotica.

As part of the special programme Erotic Animation: Tastes and Colours…, the Festival brings you some carnal respite with a selection of sexy shorts.

With La joie de vivre, (the title of a short dating back to 1934 that illustrates an aerial ballet by two disrobed nymphs), take pleasure in films that playfully and sometimes sarcastically celebrate sexual desire. You’ll enjoy a whimsical version of Snow White, interpreted by the first icon of erotica on the screen, Betty Boop (Betty Boop in Snow White, 1933); the idyll of a bashful princess who finds refuge in an introverted musician’s bass cello case (Story of the Bass Cello, 1949); and an erotic and musical fantasy with Carnival of Animals (2006).

These fanciful and unconventional shorts can be seen as a declaration of love for ecstasy and pleasure.


  • Bacall to Arms


  • Love in Idleness

    Italy, United Kingdom - Kim NOCE

  • Story of the Bass Cello

    Czech Republic - Jirí TRNKA

  • La Joie de vivre

    France - Anthony GROSS, Hector HOPPIN

  • Flesh

    France - Édouard SALIER

  • Grace

    USA - Lorelei PEPI

  • Betty Boop in Snow White


  • Safe Sex: Powerplay

    Netherlands - Greg LAWSON

  • Carnival of Animals

    Czech Republic - Michaela PAVLÁTOVÁ

  • Pixel Joy

    France - Florentine GRELIER