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Erotic Animation: Tastes and Colours…: Wet Dreams

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The Wet Dreams section ventures into the very intimate world of dreams, as part of the special programme Erotic Animation: Tastes and Colours….

The passionate subconscious is an infinite fountain of fascination; at the origins of countless studies and theories, the link between sexuality and the subconscious is and has always been a source of inspiration for many artists.

How can you interpret a fantasized sexual desire? How can you animate erotic thoughts? Wet Dreams invites you to discover an entire section dedicated to animated representations of the erotic subconscious. The filmmaker behind Anal Juke (2012) nostalgically remembers her ex-boyfriend, Nocturnal Butterflies (1998) takes to a train station waiting room where motionless characters briefly come to life, Old Orchard Beach P. Q. (1981) depicts the fantasies of a young girl at the beach and Matières à rêver (2008) explores the improvisation of desire and love…

Sneak into the very intimate world of dreams and fantasies with Wet Dreams, a selection of sensual animated shorts.


  • Naked Youth

    Japan - Kojiro SHISHIDO

  • Peep Show

    Italy - Rino Stefano TAGLIAFIERRO

  • Old Orchard Beach P.Q.

    Canada - Michèle COURNOYER

  • Matières à rêver

    France - Florence MIAILHE

  • Pink Komkommer

    Canada - Marv NEWLAND, Craig BARTLETT, Alison SNOWDEN, David FINE, Janet PERLMAN, Sara PETTY, Stoyan DUKOV, Paul DRIESSEN

  • The Bathroom

    Japan - Yoji KURI

  • Papillons de nuit

    Belgium - Raoul SERVAIS

  • Henry 9' Til 5

    United Kingdom - Bob GODFREY

  • Koumontekijûku Ketsujiru Juke

    Japan - Sawako KABUKI

  • Teat Beat of Sex "Trouble"

    USA, Italy, Latvia - Signe BAUMANE