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Erotic Animation: Tastes and Colours…: GL(amour)

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Pay tribute to stars and glamour with the GL(amour) section from the special programme dedicated to Erotic Animation.

Not able to settle for a simple image of a plunging neckline, there are as many colourful representations in animated erotica as there are languages in the world. As part of the special programme Erotic Animation: Tastes and Colours…, the Festival invites you to discover a range of animated films that interpret and represent their personal vision of erotica, each in their own way.

With the works included in Gl(amour), you’ll discover a world of stars and larger-than-life characters. Objects of desire and fantasies, the lives of celebrities are a source of fascination and intrigue. The charms of these beings that live on the boarder of reality are radiated through the spectre of animation. From Tex Avery’s love drunk skunk that pulls out all the stops to seduce (Little ‘Tinker, 1984) to Emperor Li and his harem (The Banquet of the Concubine, 2012) and not forgetting the sensual memories of actress Sylvia Kristel and her mentor Roland Topor (Topor and Me, 2004), this section celebrates every erotic dimension that emanates from show business and the entertainment industry.

Several films to help you discover the full imaginative scope of erotic animation!


  • The Curse of the Voodoo Child

    Canada - Steven WOLOSHEN

  • Chainsaw

    Australia - Dennis TUPICOFF

  • Little 'Tinker

    USA - Tex AVERY

  • Topor et moi

    Netherlands - Sylvia KRISTEL, Ruud DEN DRIJVER

  • Achilles

    United Kingdom - Barry J. C. PURVES

  • Jennifer and Tiffanny (A Monday Night in the Bathroom)

    France - Momoko SETO

  • Le Banquet de la concubine

    France, Canada, Switzerland - Hefang WEI