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Guest Country: China: The Best Shorts from Schools

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Correspondence with China, a striking analogy between the East and the West.

It all begins with a subtle and sensitive tale of age-old elegance.

The artistic skills coveted by the Chinese are expressed through their wash paintings (either ink or watercolour), the subtlety of scroll paintings and prints and the sophistication of calligraphy. Artists formalised and structured sounds by inventing writing, and this creation gave way to the emergence of an art that’s not just a simple decoration, but an essential component of their culture.

Today, the new wave of Chinese animated shorts is playing a significant role in the international scene, with its artists exploring both contemporary and experimental forms. In a style all of its own, this modern-day restitution brings with it a savoir-faire rooted deep within ancient tradition yet enhanced by diverse cultural inspirations. Despite several obstructions during the 20th century, this reprisal is now made up of more personal, ironic and sometimes satirical creations, demonstrating forward-thinking approaches.

Steering clear from any prefabricated style, the remarkable talent of seasoned or up-and-coming filmmakers has given rise to diversification where fables, genres and techniques define a perpetual quest for identity.

This carefully concocted programme will give you a glimpse of China that you’ve never seen before.


  • The Pond

    China - Ying HUANG

  • Zheng Jiu

    China - Anli LIU

  • Tree

    China - Jie LIN

  • Image Moment

    China - Ren TIANCHUN

  • Pear or Alien

    China - Lei LEI

  • Get a Lift

    China - Liu GAOXIANG

  • Ketchup

    China - Yan BAISHEN, Guo CHUNNING

  • My Little World

    China - Mengqian CHEN, Liu JIAO

  • Double Hunting

    China - Chengxi HUANG

  • Run!

    China - Shen JIE

  • After School

    China - Junyi XIAO

  • Fish

    China - Lin ZHANG

  • Life Smartphone

    China - Xie CHENGLIN

  • So Red and a Little Blue

    China - Sijia LUO

  • Day, the Chef

    China - Xiong SHUYU