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Guest Country: China: China, The New Generation 2

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As part of the special programme paying tribute to China, the Festival invites you to discover short films from the next generation of filmmakers.

China’s animation industry seems to be on the brink of a new wave. For the past ten years, we’ve noticed a significant emergence of short filmmakers in China, some have been the products of animation schools while others have popped up from the contemporary art scene. They have all participated in the blossoming of a rich and varied cinematography, in terms of substance as well as form.

The drive behind this crop lies in the interpretation of the apparent diversity in professional filmmakers, and not just in students, whose diversity is also rather flourishing. Dedicated to this new generation of artists, this programme offers a range of the main films that have left their mark on European animation festivals, accompanied by an exhibition of their work at the Château d’Annecy, musée lacs et montagnes.


  • Chiliad

    China - Shu CAO

  • Double Act

    China - Ding SHIWEI

  • Happen

    China - Chao WU, Weilun XIA

  • Freud, Fish and Butterfly

    China - Haiyang WANG

  • A Wolf in the Tree

    China - Jiaxing LIN

  • Monkey

    China - Shen JIE

  • A Story in the Diao Ling Garden

    China - Weiyu WANG

  • Goodbye Utopia

    China - Ding SHIWEI

  • International: Silent within Noise

    China - Xue YANPING