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Dive down into the depths of the ocean and join Marin and Nemo as they help Dory find her family in the sneak preview of Finding Dory!

The latest Disney●Pixar creation is a spin-off dedicated to Dory, the blue tang fish who was featured in Finding Nemo. On this new adventure, the friendly-but-forgetful heroine gets together with Marin and his son Nemo to delve into her past.

This screening will be presented by the film’s director Andrew Stanton and producer Lindsey Collins, who have already concocted recipes for success like Finding Nemo and Wall-E.

As a prelude to the screening, the prize-winners from the Disney Art challenge 2016 will be announced. This competition organized by The Walt Disney Company France will reward three animation students for their work around the theme of Finding Dory.

The premiere of Pixar’s latest short Piper will also be shown in what is sure to be a very exciting Screening Event!



Follow the tribulations of little Piper at the sneak preview screening of Pixar’s latest short.

Pixar’s latest addition is none other than Piper, a little hatchling sandpiper fresh out of the nest. She’s hungry and finds herself on a beach where food is buried under the sand and scary waves come sweeping over the shore preventing her from getting to it…

This little bird comes from the imagination of director Alan Barillaro, who has had a hand in most of Pixar’s productions and was animation supervisor on The Incredibles, Brave and Wall-E. He then joined the studio’s team to develop a software to give more creative flexibility to filmmaking and tested it by animating the little bird that eventually turned into this finished short.

Pixar will present Piper to the Annecy public as the customary opening short to its latest feature Finding Dory.

Get ready for this Screening Event that features creatures from the sea and the sky!


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