Exposition "L'animation s'illustre" / The "Animation Fame" Exhibition - "Ernest et Célestine"

Animation Fame

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Come along with your kids, big or small, to take a stroll around the three exhibitions from Les Artychauts.

Les Artychauts is a children's art gallery that showcases creative objects and original artwork. They also organise events with playful activities focusing on sharing and discovering images from around the world.

For the Annecy Festival, Les Artychauts are taking over PATHÉ ANNECY (formerly Décavision) and inviting you to come take part in three exhibitions:

  • Animation as an original creation: limited edition prints from Alê Abreu's film The Boy and the World (Cristal for a Feature Film, Annecy 2014).
  • Adapting a children's book into an animated feature: illustrations by Monique Martin, author of Ernest & Celestine, and material from the film.
  • Adapting children's books into animated shorts and series: limited edition prints from Jean-Michel le Caribou by Magali Le Huche and from the 3D adaptation.

These exhibitions are a great way to dip your toes into the vast waters of animation!


15th-20th June

PATHÉ ANNECY (formerly Décavision)
7 avenue de Brogny
74000 Annecy