Shaun le Mouton, le film / Shaun the Sheep Movie

Shaun the Sheep Movie

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Shaun the sheep and his flock are invading the Pâquier!

The Annecy Festival has nothing left to hide from the Aardman Animations studio. In addition to being the stars of the open-air projections, their productions have been in the Official Selection, received prizes and been presented at conferences led by Peter Lord.
They're coming back this year with the open-air screening of Shaun the Sheep Movie on the Pâquier!

Shaun is a clever sheep living a monotonous life. Not one to follow the flock, he concocts a plan to make the Farmer fall asleep, but he inadvertently ends up in the Big City.
Along with his loyal flock, Shaun sets off on a treacherous adventure to find him. They run into a lot of twists and turns, with danger around every corner like the terrible Trumper, an enraged stray-catcher who's roaming the streets.

Directors: Richard Starzak, Mark Burton
United Kingdom, Aardman Studios
2015, 85 min, general audiences

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