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30 years in pictures

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Animation stars are celebrating Mifa's 30th!

Stars of animation and leading international studios wanted to take part in Mifa's 30th and wish it a Happy Birthday!

Mifa's Archives, in Partnership with the Ina

During the 30th anniversary of the International Animation Film Market, you can take a look through its history with archive videos provided by the Ina.


  • Thanks to Chris MELEDANDRI, Janet HEALY, Pierre COFFIN, Kyle BALDA, Jacques BLED and all the team at Illumination Mac Guff (Minions)
  • Thanks to all the Frozen fever team from Walt Disney Animation Studios.
  • Thanks to Stephen HILLENBURG, Kyle McCULLOCH, Andrew GOODMAN, Philip HARRIS, Russell HICKS, Claudia SPINELLI and Nickelodeon Creative Resources (SpongeBob)
  • Thanks to Genndy TARTAKOVSKY, Olivier MOUROUX and Sony Pictures Animation (Hotel Transylvania 2)
  • Thanks to Suvi VÄKEVÄINEN, Nick DORRA and everyone at Rovio (Angry Birds)
  • Thanks to Tapaas CHAKRAVARTI, Sumedha SARAOGI and the whole team at DQ Entertainment (Peter Pan, Tinkerbell and the characters from The Jungle Book)
  • Thanks to Aton SOUMACHE, Cédric PILOT, Caroline GUILLOT and all the team at Method Animation.
  • Thanks to Corinne KOUPER, Guillaume HELLOUIN and everyone at TeamTO (Angelo).
  • Thanks to Lionel FAGES, Rémi CHAPOTOT and the whole team at Cube Creative (Kaeloo).
  • Thanks to Kim NAMAE and the teams at Caitory and Yomzeo (Mung).
  • Thanks to Andre LEE and the teams at Sumi Park and Variety Sum (Cherry Coco).
  • Thanks to Bong Ho KIM, Seungwook LEE and all the team at Keyring (Spookiz).
  • The Mifa would like to thank Grizzly, Panda and Ice Bear for helping us blow out the candles, Daniel CHONG (We Bare Bears Creator) and the whole Cartoon Network crew who helped bake this birthday cake.
  • Thanks to Renee LAMRI and all the team at Pixar Animation Studios (Inside Out).
  • Thanks to Jacques-Rémy GIRERD, Michel NICOLAS, Jérémy MOURLAM and all the team at Folimage studio (Raining Cats and Frogs).
  • Thanks to Philippe DELARUE, Raphael CATHELAND and all the team at Futurikon (Les Chronokids).
  • Thanks to Pierre SISSMANN, Olivier LELARDOUX and all the team at Cyber Group Studios (ZOU).
  • Thanks to David ALAUX, Jean-François and Eric TOSTI and all the team at TAT Productions (Jungle Bunch).
  • Thanks to Peter LORD, David SPRIXTON, Rachel PEACOCK and the whole Aardman team (Shaun the Sheep).
  • Thanks to Roch LENER, Hanna MOUCHEZ and all the team at Millimages (Molang).
  • Thanks to Marc du PONTAVICE, François Xavier de MAISTRE, Marine FRANÇOIS and all the team at Xilam (Hubert & Takako).
  • Thanks to Anthony ROUX, Pauline GUILLEMANT and all the team at Ankama (WAKFU & DOFUS).
  • The Annecy Festival would like to thank Marc BORÉAL, Guillaume GALLIOT and Thibaut CHATEL, along with the crews at Label Anim and Melusine Productions (Ma maman est en amérique...).
  • Annecy Festival thanks Pierre BELAÏSCH and Marc DHRAMI (Calimero).
  • Annecy Festival thanks Eric GARNET and Anne DE GALARD (Zip Zip).
  • Annecy Festival thanks Katell FRANCE, Lucile BOILEAU and all the team at Studio 100 Animation (Heidi, Maya the Bee and Vic the Viking).