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 Programme 2013

  • Aya de Yopougon

    A Marguerite Abouet and Clément Oubrerie film

    Aya is 19 and lives in Yopougon, a working-class neighbourhood of Abidjan (Ivory Coast) renamed as Yop City in the end of the 70s. As a studious young girl, she divides her days between her studies, her family and her two friends, Adjoua and Bintou. When Adjoua gets pregnant, she and the child's father, Moussa, feel lost... What can they do?

    Tuesday 11 June → Thursday 29 February - Haras Salle du haras

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  • Get a Horse!

    Walt Disney Animation Studios present a never-before-seen short starring the one and only Mickey Mouse in Get a Horse!

    Tuesday 11 June 16:00 - Haras Salle du haras

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  • Jack and the Cuckoo-Clock Heart

    Sneak preview screening of first extracts and the trailer of Jack and the Cuckoo-Clock Heart in the presence of the film crew and Mathias Malzieu who will perform a few songs from the film.

    Friday 14 June 12:00 - Cinéma Pathé Pathé 1

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  • Despicable Me 2

    Chris Meledandri and his acclaimed filmmaking team created an all-new comedy adventure featuring the return of (former?) super-villain Gru (Steve Carell), his adorable girls, the unpredictably hilarious Minions... and a host of new and outrageously funny characters.

    Wednesday 12 June 20:30 - Haras Salle du haras

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  • Monsters University

    Check out Michael Wazowski (aka Mike) and James P. Sullivan (aka Sulley) when they were in their teens. Their first turbulent encounter could not predict the incredible friendship which was to later unite the pair!

    A press screening of the film will take place at 2 pm salle des haras.

    Monday 10 June 20:30 - Haras Salle du haras

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  • Oggy and the Cockroaches, the Movie

    Follow Oggy's adventures and his constant battle with the cockroaches from prehistoric times to the Middle Ages and the Industrial Revolution.

    Release date France: 7th August 2013

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  • Aunt Hilda!

    Check out Aunt Hilda's vegetable museum, which contains thousands of endangered plants from around the world!
    At the same time, Attilem, a new industrial cereal with an exceptional yield, seems to be a miraculous solution for eliminating hunger. Unfortunately, things are never as simple as they seem!

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