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Heading South: Focus on Animation

Heading South Winners 2013

For the second year running, CFI is sponsoring the Annecy Festival. You can discover 4 winning projects from Syria, Morocco, Cameroon and Burkina Faso.

Check out the chosen projects:

Un Achoura magique
Amine Beckoury / Morocco
Short film



Draft Not for Corrections
Yasmeen Fanari / Syria
Short film



Jupiter Moumouni Sodre / Burkina Faso
TV series



Twenty Ten
Louis Darius Soung Meke / Cameroun
Short film



The jury was made up of:

  • Françoise Mas (Buyer CFI)
  • Joachim Hérissé (Film Director)
  • Anne-Sophie Ricco (CFI member)
  • Géraldine Baché (Head of Projects, Creative Focus, CITIA).

Project leaders will be given individual and professional assistance through writing and storyboard workshops hosted by:

  • Joachim Hérissé (Film Director)
  • Agnès Bidaud (SACD)
  • Augusto Zanovello (Director)

In collaboration with   AgRaf


A subsidiary of France Télévisions group supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, CFI has for the past twenty four years been an operator of French Cooperation for media groups in Africa, the Arab world, the Balkans, the Caucasus and Asia.

Its method: mobilise expertise and knowledge from French media to help the modernisation of the media in these countries, through guidance and training, audits and studies.

Yasmeen Fanari and Amine Beckoury: now winners of the Heading South Call for Projects, benefited from support provided as part of the Maarifa* project in 2012. This included a workshop in La Cartoucherie in Valence (October 2012) and personalised workshops during the international film festival of Meknes (March 2013).

*programme supporting the production of interactive educational content for Northern Africa and the Middle East.

Louis Darius Soung Meke: now a winner of the Heading South Call for Projects, took part in a CFI workshop hosted by Joachim Hérissé in Ouagadougou in December 2012. Eight African directors produced a collective filmn: Kamikazi et l’arbre aux mille pouvoirs, which was shown during the closing ceremony of Ficam in Meknes on 27th March 2013.

Jupiter Moumouni Sodre: now a winner of the Heading South Call for Projects, was offered personalised help from Joachim Hérissé in Ouagadougou in December 2012.