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 Programme 2012

  • The Making of The Pirates! Art, craft and sea-monsters in Aardman’s new stop-motion feature film

    A look behind the production scenes of The Pirates! Band of Misfits, presented by Peter Lord.

    How do you get from script to finished film? All the different stages are decrypted: storyboard, recording, previs, etc. The work of Artistic Director, Norman Garwood, will also be discussed, along with set building and dressing, character design, etc.

    Friday 8 June 14:00 → 16:00 - Bonlieu Petite salle

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  • Dr. Seuss' The Lorax

    The third Illumination Entertainment/Universal Pictures production, check out the Making Of Dr. Seuss' The Lorax, opened by Jacques Bled (president of Illumination Mac Guff):

    • what creative stages allow the development from script to final film? Presented by Chris Renaud
    • the visual adaptation of the world of Dr Seuss, with Yarrow Cheney and Eric Guillon
    • what are the artistic issues encountered in film making: respect of Dr Seuss' own drawing style, the technical problems that come with furry characters, VFX for the river sequence, research into the optimisation of existing tools for the pipeline and internal software, with Bruno Chauffard, CG supervisor.

    Thursday 7 June 14:00 → 16:00 - Bonlieu Petite salle

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  • Wreck-it Ralph

    In this Making of Clark Spencer from Walt Disney Feature Animation Studios will give you the low-down on the film's characters and atmosphere.
    The crew will also present a sneak peek of the latest short Paperman, realised by John Kahrs.

    Tuesday 5 June 16:00 → 17:30 - Bonlieu Petite salle

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  • Pre-history of Animation

    Do the founding concepts of cartoon date back to pre-history?

    This is what you will discover during the presentation of several short documentary films, with live commentary by Marc Azéma.

    A film about the project of replicating the Grotto Chauvet at Pont d'Arc will also be broadcast.
    Discover the ancestor of the thaumatrope, reconstructed by Florent Rivère; proof that the first optical toy existed more than 15,000 years ago.

    Wednesday 6 June → Tuesday 27 February - Bonlieu Petite salle

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  • Brave

    Discover the making of Brave, directed by Mark Andrews and Brenda Chapman, produced by Disney Pixar.

    Tuesday 5 June → Tuesday 27 February - Bonlieu Petite salle

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  • HOUBA! On the Trail of the Marsupilami

    Alain Chabat evokes the childhood passion which led him to adapt the adventures of this famous cartoon character for the screen.
    From development to the final film, he will present the process of writing the script and discuss aspects of visual and narrative development.

    Between his desire to make the Marsupilami a credible animal on screen and the challenge of letting it freely evolve in its natural setting, you will learn how Alain Chabat has managed to "tame" the Marsupilami, with the help of the Buf Compagnie teams.

    By his side, Pierre Buffin (founder of Buf Compagnie), Olivier Cauwet (VFX Supervisor) and Bastien Laurent (Animation supervisor) will discuss in particular the technical prowess needed to create the Marsupilami's fur and the filming techniques needed for his eight metre-long tail.

    Friday 8 June → Tuesday 27 February - Bonlieu Petite salle

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