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 Programme 2012

  • Hybridisation Issues

    More than just a genre, animation is a language. Indeed, the technical evolution of the sector offers a real diversity of representation possibilities. Animation definitively enriches live-action programmes, documentaries, books, video games, etc. The term "hybridisation" seems appropriate to describe this new reality.

    Aesthetic original works, new variations on other media, and the creation of inventive working tools are some of the many topics covered in this conference.

    Tuesday 5 June 09:30 → 12:30 - Chambre de métiers Salle Mont-Blanc

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  • Production and Asset Management

    Production management and data organisation have a direct impact on production deadlines as well as the quality of the works. They have obvious economic and financial consequences. Therefore, these issues are at the heart of relations between production studios, producers and clients.

    The advent of transmedia is an additional complexity regarding how to manage the common elements of different products.

    There are multi-layered answers – the "universal tool" doesn't exist, after all.

    The panel will discuss their opinions and experience.

    Tuesday 5 June 14:30 → 17:30 - Chambre de métiers Salle Mont-Blanc

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  • Financing Animation Feature Films

    In France and Europe, economically boosting the feature film sector would help to develop specific technical and artistic skills and therefore increase job opportunities. Even though the number of films and audiences are increasing, there is a real problem in financing productions. This Round Table brings together producers, marketers, and distributors to discuss this current state of affairs and its prospects.

    Wednesday 6 June 14:15 → 16:15 - Impérial Palace Verdi

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  • Feature Films: 4 Case Studies

    The four feature films Ernest & Celestine, The Day of the Crows, The Suicide Shop and ParaNorman employ various techniques – 2D & 3D animation, and stop motion. Even if they are meant for different audiences, they share the ambition of developing a personal and aesthetic tone.

    There are many difficulties – technical, organisational, economic – with results not always certain.

    These four films will illustrate this discussion.

    Wednesday 6 June 09:30 → 12:30 - Chambre de métiers Salle Mont-Blanc

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  • Clothes, Hair and Face: A Technical Makeover

    Photorealistic representation is an ongoing and probably infinite challenge, which concerns more than just the entertainment industry. Technical and scientific developments in this area have an effect on numerous economic sectors and human activities, which induce complex problems from aesthetic, economic, legal, and societal points of view. The work of three companies specialised in representing clothes, faces, and hair will be discussed during this conference, along with the software used.

    Friday 8 June 09:30 → 12:30 - Chambre de métiers Salle Mont-Blanc

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  • VFX

    This time Annecy's annual VFX meeting highlights the strong link between the visual effects sector and 3D animation. The "state of the art" representation techniques of the best studios are a tremendous source of information and inspiration for both sectors. Their tools, skills, and common visual culture are among some of the topics to be discussed.

    Thursday 7 June 09:30 → 12:30 - Chambre de métiers Salle Mont-Blanc

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