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  Panels of experts for 2012

Short projects

The short films have been selected by the short films partners

Feature projects

  • Jean-Paul Commin, Audiovisual and Film Consultant
  • Marc Bonny, Chairman of Gébéka Films
  • Patrick Eveno, CITIA CEO

TV series and specials projects

  • Orion Ross, Vice President Original Series, Walt Disney Television Europe, Middle East, Asia
  • Dominique Poussier, Consultant
  • Mickaël Marin, Head of Economic Development and Mifa, CITIA

Cross-media projects

  • Jean-François Gervais, Web and Transmedia Teaching Manager at Ina EXPERT
  • Terence Mosca, TM Consulting Director and Digital Consultant
  • Stéphanie Launay, Head of Projects, Creative Focus, CITIA