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The Team in 2011

They contributed to the success of Annecy 2011


Patrick Eveno (CEO), Tiziana Loschi (Managing Director), Laure Baudillon (Management Assistant), Céline Meurier (Management Assistant), Serge Bromberg (Artistic Director)

Administration – Finance

Martine Jamme (Accountant), Charline Girod (Accounts Assistant, Training Secretary)

Training and Research

Daniel Bouillot, Head of Training and Research


Laurence Thibault (Head of Projects), Laëtitia Meslay (Assistant), Olivier Collomb (Protocole Trainee), Véronique Combe (Coordinator for Volonteers and Trainees), Raphaël Cahuzac (Annecy 2011 Accreditation), Alexia Vendetti (Annecy 2011 Accreditation), Viviane Baecher (Receptionist), Juanita Deperraz (Ticket assistant), Adeline Perinel.

Creative contents

Laurent Million (Head of Films and Programme Planning), Yves Nougarède (Films and Programme Planning Assistant), Sébastien Sperer (Films and Programme Planning Assistant), Lucile Philippe (Film Trainee), Clémence Bragard (Digitisation Trainee), Sébastien Chavanne (Annecy 2011 Book & Video Shop), Aurélie Saout (Annecy 2011 Book & Video Shop)

Economic development and Mifa

Mickaël Marin (Head of Economic development and Mifa), Véronique Encrenaz (Head of Projects), Zo Yu Huang (Assistant), Frécilia Zambaux (Trainee), Jeevitha Doucet (Trainee), André Lee Seung-wook (Representative for South Korea, Amito), Cedric Biscay (Representative for Japan, Shibuya International Co., Ltd.), Anand Gurnani (Representative for India), Géraldine Baché (Head of Projects Creative Focus), Xi Chen (Creative Focus Trainee)


Christelle Rony (Head of Conferences, WIP and Forum Blanc), Marine Lamblin (Conferences, WIP and Forum Blanc Assistant), René Broca (Editorial writer - Conferences and Forum Blanc), Christian Jacquemart (Editorial writer - Conferences and Forum Blanc), Lydie Rech (Conferences and WIP Trainee).


Cindy Bazaugour (Assistant)

Communications and Media Relations

Judith Cristofaro (Head of Communication and Media Partners), Laëtitia Socquet (Communication and Media Partners Assistant), Quentin Trillot (Communication Trainee), Ferréole Lespinasse (Web Editor, Webmaster), Laurence Ythier (Head of Media Relations and Special Operations), Emma Briones Carrio (Press Trainee)


Martine Souliman (Head of Publications), Maryse Berger (Head of Projects, DTP), Floriane Bertez (Editor), Harold Mollet (Trainee Editor), Hélène Giraud (Graphic Designer), Phonn Yorth (Graphic Designer), Alexandra Farcy (Computer Graphics Designer), Sophie Matter (Computer Graphics Designer), Yohan Delunsch (Computer Graphics Trainee), Corinne Denis (Translator), Shanna McGoldrick (Translation Assistant), Nathalie Guillaumond (Proofreader, Translator), Clémentine Delignières (Proofreader), François Bouchard (Proofreading Trainee), Sarah Bernier (Proofreading Trainee),

Information Systems

Jérémy Clerc (Head of Information Systems), Jérôme Dupin (Systems and Network Administrator), Cédric Cuz (Developer Webmaster), Sébastien Pattier (Developer), Sophia Alami Teixeira (Multimedia Designer), Alizée Marescaux (Video Trainee)

Logistics and production management

Romain Courtine (Head of Logistics), Gary Muhr (Trainee), Aude Gumet (Trainee)