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 1963 Award Winners

  Short films  

  • Igra
    Jury homage for the association of animation with live action


    Director: Dusan VUKOTIC

    Country: Croatia

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  • L'œuf à la coque
    Helen Grayson Award for a first film

    L'œuf à la coque

    Director: Marc ANDRIEUX, Bernard BREVENT

    Country: France

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  • Labirynt
    International Critics' Award


    Director: Jan LENICA

    Country: Poland

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  • Le concert de M. et Mme Kabal
    Special Jury Award

    Le concert de M. et Mme Kabal

    Director: Walerian BOROWCZYK

    Country: France

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  • Ningen Dobutsuen
    Special Jury Award

    Ningen Dobutsuen

    Director: Yoji KURI

    Country: Japan

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  • Qui a dit miaou ?
    Children's film Award

    Qui a dit miaou ?

    Director: Vladimir DEGTIAREV, B. VORONOV

    Country: Russia

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  • Spatne namalovana slepice
    Grand Prix

    Spatne namalovana slepice

    Director: Jiri BRDECKA

    Country: Czech Republic

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  • Stone sonata
    Special Jury Award

    Stone sonata

    Director: Carmen D'AVINO

    Country: USA

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  • The Hole
    Jury homage for a personal contribution to animation

    The Hole

    Director: John HUBLEY

    Country: USA

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  Advertising films  

  • Baci Perugina
    Advertising film Award

    Baci Perugina

    Director: Harold HESS

    Country: Italy

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