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  1. "La Grande Vadrouille"
  2. "Silence ! Elles tournent"
  3. Séance tenante
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Soundbites: animated pearls!
Do you also listen to podcasts? In the bus, in the street, in the kitchen or even in the shower, is animation always an integral part of your day? Then check out the podcasts dedicated to the Annecy International Animation Film Festival!

"La Grande Vadrouille" by Revus & Corrigés

Presented by Pierre Charpilloz, Revus & Corrigés: "La Grande Vadrouille" is the Tour de France of film festivals by Revus & Corrigés. Enjoy 3 episodes devoted to the Annecy Festival!

Day 1: At the Musée-Château, Pierre visits the exhibition on Théodore Ushev in his company, before setting off to the Film Market to meet the Head of Mifa, Véronique Encrenaz.

Day 2: Pierre meets Marcel Jean, the Festival’s Artistic Director, to talk about the tribute to Mexican animation, then Hélène Vayssières, Head of Short Films at ARTE France.

Day 3: Pierre meets Jan Kounen, filmmaker and festival juror, and Benoît Feroumont, cartoonist and animator, Head of Animation on Robot Dreams by Pablo Berger. 

Without further ado, check out the "La Grande Vadrouille" podcasts focused on the Festival!

> More info (in French only)

"Silence ! Elles tournent" by Revus & Corrigés

Presented by Esther Brejon, "Silence ! Elles tournent" is a Revus & Corrigés podcast, in partnership with Tsugi Radio, which shines a light on film history’s unsung women. 

Let’s take a look at animation film where women have played a key role but often been ignored. In 2023, the Annecy Festival decided to rectify this oversight by creating the Lotte Reiniger Award, which now awards the best graduation film.

It’s an excellent opportunity to look back on not one but two female artists from the history of animation, both were American and born at the beginning of the last century, Mary Blair and Mary Ellen Bute.

Episode 24 – L'animation au féminin (Women’s Animation): Mary Blair & Mary Ellen Bute

Séance tenante: Cinémas Pathé podcasts!

Séance tenante was animated for the week for the latest edition of the Annecy Festival by devoting 3 episodes to our event!  

Discover two episodes on the highly anticipated releases of:

Lastly, listen to the Annecy Festival Report podcast.

Check out all the Séance tenante podcasts on the Pathé France official YouTube channel.

Music's On ! The Festival Playlist

This year, the week of 11th to 17th June moved to a musical beat! The Annecy Festival team concocted a Spotify playlist of animation film soundtracks.

Tune in and check out the team’s playlist

So the Festival beat goes on with unlimited listening time!

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