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A few months after the Mifa Pitch sessions, here's news about the development of some of the projects presented.


Feature Film Project


Ballad of the Phoenix – La balada del fénix (Animation du Monde Label)

Project Leaders: Arturo Ambriz and Roy Ambriz
Directors: Arturo Ambriz and Roy Ambriz

What do you remember from your participation at the Mifa Pitches?
It was a wonderful experience participating in the Mifa Pitches 2022. We had great training preparing our pitch and then we were able to present our project during the Festival. It gave our project, Ballad of the Phoenix, a lot of exposure. It helped us connect with a large number of people from the industry who came to look to our work; from potential producers, sales agents and distributors to the magnificent Guillermo del Toro, who, after doing his presentation on Pinocchio, invited us to have breakfast with him to talk about our creative process and the magic of making stop motion.

What is your project’s current status?
Our project is on the right track, we just applied for national funding as we are still in development. We have started constructing the sets and the main puppets are ready to shoot a sequence very soon. We are still looking for potential investors to complete our funding and take the project as far as possible.

A last word about your participation at the Mifa Pitches?
It was a life changing experience! It really helped us connect and understand the market in a broader way not only by being on-site but also by being able to attend talks with experts and discover what’s happening in the animation industry. We were also inspired watching the shorts, movies and series presented by creators such as Genndy Tartakovsky and listening to them talk about their expertise and processes.

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Short Film Project

Petra y el sol

Petra and the Sun – Petra y el sol (Animation du Monde Label)

Project Leaders: Stefania Malacchini and María Luisa Furche
Directors: Stefania Malacchini and María Luisa Furche
Open Workshop Prize (2022)

What do you remember from your participation at the Mifa Pitches?
We had the chance to work and strengthen our project with the pitch sessions, we also had the chance to get to know people from the industry that could eventually collaborate in the project. Above all, we were enriched greatly by the experience of getting to know creators, artists and producers from different parts of the world, what they were working on and any difficulties they had. We were lucky enough to win a prize, a residency at The Animation Workshop accompanied by a financial sum for the project, which will help us continue into the post-production stage.

What is your project’s current status?
Petra and the Sun obtained new funding for the animation process. We are currently in production and plan to end the animation process by August. We are still looking for new funding and co-production possibilities to cover post-production, diffusion and distribution.

A last word about your participation at the Mifa Pitches?
For us, our experience travelling from Chile was amazing. Seeing so much creativity at one event motivates and inspires to keep creating. It was also incredible meeting experienced creators that gave advice on techniques and people who would like to help and collaborate on our project, which is practically from the other end of the world!

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TV Series Project

Polo sans bobo

Polo sans bobo

Project Leader: Fabrice Ravier
Director: Sophie Castaignede
TitraFilm Prize 2022

What do you remember from your participation at the Mifa Pitches?
It put a major spotlight on our project, and it was a great exercise for the team. To know how to pitch, be concise and confident about your project is always a tough thing to do!
It’s also great acknowledgment of the profession that highlights team investment.

What is your project’s current status?
We received assistance from the Procirep and the CNC, as well as great interest from Kika broadcasters. Ankama has put themselves forward as the project’s distributors.
Currently, we are looking for a French distributor so that we can go into production.

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XR Project

Dwie Marie

Two Maries – Dwie Marie

Project Leader: Justyna Rucińska
Director: Wioletta Sowa

What do you remember from your participation at the Mifa Pitches?
We had fruitful meetings afterwards that helped us choose our production methods and ideas about further development of our content with other producers and creators. It’s always helpful, but especially helpful if you’re dealing with VR technology. We got connected with 3D Artist Tristan Siodlak from Gilles Jobin's company, Producer Jacopo Armani from Fireflies and Mathieu Gayet Editor-in-Chief at We also had a very interesting conversation with Ron Dyens and collaboration interest from Sacrebleu.

What is your project’s current status?
Work done on the film so far includes: developing the film’s final artistic concept, making set design and props in the form of computer graphics through 3D modelling; making characters in the form of computer graphics through 3D modelling and character rigging; creating an animatic in a 3D and VR version; texturing; VR camera setting tests. As well as a series of rehearsals with dancers-actors of the main roles to record movement in motion capture technology, which after appropriate processing is being "imposed" onto 3D characters. We have made motion capture shots and entered the re-targeting stage. We are facing animation, simulations, final platform implementation and then post-production. We are also awaiting information about additional regional funding.
The motion capture shots were done in the Bones Studio in Warsaw. It has 61 cameras to record movement and an active space of 10 x 12 meters. It is the largest space of this type in Poland and the conditions in the hall enable the use of scenography perfectly matched with Enviro in the graphics engine and full performance capture.
As the film Two Maries is an innovative project with a unique production nature and artistic potential, we thoroughly analyse each stage and we would like to produce it in accordance with the highest standards, thus ensuring its appropriate quality and distribution.

A last word about your participation at the Mifa Pitches?
The Annecy Festival and Mifa Pitches are a great platform to meet and share your experiences with specialists from all over the world. It’s a great opportunity to revaluate your work and connect with professionals, work together or exchange opinions. It's the place to be!

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