BackPerspectives Short Films in Competition

  • Akplokplobito


    Directed by: Ingrid AGBO

    Country: France, Togo

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  • Angle mort

    Angle mort

    Directed by: Lotfi ACHOUR

    Country: France, Tunisia

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  • Bolo raz jedno more...

    Bolo raz jedno more...

    Directed by: Joanna KOZUCH

    Country: Poland, Slovakia

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  • Compositions for Understanding Relationships

    Compositions for Understanding Relationships

    Directed by: David DELAFUENTE

    Country: USA

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  • Idodo


    Directed by: Ursula ULMI

    Country: Switzerland, Papua New Guinea, USA

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  • L'Écrivain aveugle

    L'Écrivain aveugle

    Directed by: Georges SIFIANOS

    Country: France, Greece

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  • Manhole


    Directed by: Abhishek VERMA, Jayesh PILLAI

    Country: India

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  • Meneath: The Hidden Island of Ethics

    Meneath: The Hidden Island of Ethics

    Directed by: Terril CALDER

    Country: Canada

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  • More Than I Remember

    More Than I Remember

    Directed by: Amy BENCH

    Country: USA

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  • Once More with Feeling

    Once More with Feeling

    Directed by: Pallavi AGARWALA

    Country: India, United Kingdom

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  • Pandaların Nesli Nasıl Tükendi?

    Pandaların Nesli Nasıl Tükendi?

    Directed by: Halim YENTÜR

    Country: Turkey

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  • Prosopagnosia


    Directed by: Steven FRASER

    Country: United Kingdom

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  • Reparations


    Directed by: Wilson BORJA

    Country: Colombia

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  • Rites of Spring

    Rites of Spring

    Directed by: Yiorgos TSANGARIS

    Country: Cyprus

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  • Ta presneta ocetova kamera!

    Ta presneta ocetova kamera!

    Directed by: Miloš TOMIC

    Country: Slovenia

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  • The Best Grandfather in the World

    The Best Grandfather in the World

    Directed by: Nina BISYARINA

    Country: Russia

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  • The Visit

    The Visit

    Directed by: Morrie TAN

    Country: Singapore

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