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Midnight Specials

Are you crazy for thrills, for original works peppered with satire and the experimental?

In a nutshell, the Midnight Specials are brash hand-picked spectres, gutsy films screened at night for the daring, the WTF docket (totally off the trolley)…

At Midnight Specials the imagination stretches decorum to the limits, adopting a whole new swagger… At the risk of disinhibiting the most squeamish. Let raw free-of-constraint talent charm you to bits.

Sessions where one tracks the original, the bizarre and the unexpected. Perhaps you were wondering whether the Festival screens any content a tad risqué? While the Midnight Specials may verge on the brazen, their creators are never at a loss for talent.

The stars sparkle and the eyes pop… Open up wide! You ain’t seen nothing yet.

Handy Info
Programme available in May 2024

Access conditions: open to all badgeholders by reservation, and single admission ticket sales to the general public

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