BackShort Films Young Audiences in Competition

  • Colocation sauvage

    Colocation sauvage

    Director : MERCAT-JUNOT Armelle

    Countries : France

    Duration : 00:14:51

    Synopsis : A starry-eyed goat decides to build a cabin in the jungle to live there, but this means she’ll be sharing with some dangerous neighbours. The goat manages to make new friends, but it comes at a heavy price.

  • Entre deux sœurs

    Entre deux sœurs

    Director : CÉARD Clément, GOUSSET Anne-Sophie

    Countries : France

    Duration : 00:07:15

    Synopsis : Being sisters means sharing a special bond, laughing together and being driven by love. But these particular sisters share an extra something else, and that’s just fine.

  • Harvey


    Director : NADEAU Janice

    Countries : Canada, France

    Duration : 00:09:04

    Synopsis : Told through the eyes of a child with an overflowing imagination, this is a poetic, luminous look at bereavement and coping with the loss of a parent.

  • Paperplanes


    Director : JEENA Arvind Singh

    Countries : India

    Duration : 00:06:52

    Synopsis : A noisy, hyper-mischievous classroom of 4th graders are caught off-guard as the teacher walks in unannounced, which is followed by a surprise test of creativity and character.

  • Pete


    Director : PARKER Bret

    Countries : United States

    Duration : 00:07:00

    Synopsis : Based on a true story about gender identity, Little League Baseball, the people who inspire change, and the superheroes who allow that change to happen.

  • Prinzessin Aubergine

    Prinzessin Aubergine

    Director : VELIKOVSKAYA Dina

    Countries : Germany

    Duration : 00:07:37

    Synopsis : A king and a queen have almost everything, but something is missing. Desperate as they are, they search for the perfect seed to grow a child, but the only thing flourishing is their garden.

  • The Goose

    The Goose

    Director : MÍKA Jan

    Countries : France, Czech Republic

    Duration : 00:12:30

    Synopsis : A boy fantasizes about becoming a famous footballer, playing in big stadiums, but first he has to win a match in a small backyard playing against a goose.

  • Wat zit er in die kist?

    Wat zit er in die kist?

    Director : ALGOED Bram

    Countries : Belgium

    Duration : 00:09:28

    Synopsis : "What's in the box?" wondered the captain, bus driver and postman as they transported their cargo. The journey takes them overland, across the sea and in the air before the secret is revealed.