BackShort Films Perspectives in Competition

  • Bai


    Director : CHEN Ao

    Countries : China, United Kingdom

    Duration : 00:07:20

    Synopsis : A big-headed baby, one of the numerous victims of the white melamine-tainted milk powder incidents caused by the Sanlu (Three Deer) Group Co. Ltd in China, sinks into the abyss of horror and despair.

  • Baigal Nuur – Lake Baikal

    Baigal Nuur – Lake Baikal

    Director : TELENGUT Alisi

    Countries : Germany, Canada

    Duration : 00:08:55

    Synopsis : The formation and history of Lake Baikal in Siberia are reimagined, featuring the voice of a Buryat woman who can still recall some words in her endangered Buryat-Mongolian language.

  • Depersonalization


    Director : YORDANOV Spartak

    Countries : Bulgaria

    Duration : 00:07:07

    Synopsis : An interpretation about personality loss. The tree grows and buries its crown back in the earth, the world returns to primal matter, the consumer is consumed.

  • Fashion Victims 2.0

    Fashion Victims 2.0

    Director : LORENZO HERNÁNDEZ Maria

    Countries : Spain

    Duration : 00:02:07

    Synopsis : An inconvenient truth – the Western fashion industry is based on forced child labor in the Third World. Will you still consent to it?

  • Hadis


    Director : AGHAMALIYEVA Nazrin

    Countries : Azerbaijan, United States, Czech Republic

    Duration : 00:09:34

    Synopsis : In a world ruled by crows and discrimination, a young girl decides to fight for justice.

  • Island


    Director : FAUST Michael

    Countries : Israel

    Duration : 00:07:40

    Synopsis : This recounts the history of a small, secluded island over the course of several millennia, to reveal a telling lesson about human nature.

  • K8


    Director : ANAYA BORJA Miguel

    Countries : Mexico

    Duration : 00:05:30

    Synopsis : The impact of drug trafficking on society has many facets: some of them are shown in this short film using animated charcoal drawings on wood.

  • Kaadina Jeevantike

    Kaadina Jeevantike

    Director : RAO Nandini, RAO Nirupa, SANGHVI Kalp

    Countries : India

    Duration : 00:06:52

    Synopsis : A little girl stumbles into a sacred grove near her village in South India. She disturbs the spirit of the forest, who takes her on an adventure to illuminate the origins of this ancient swampland.

  • Lost at Sea

    Lost at Sea

    Director : BARTOS AMORY Andrés Alejandro, STOJEVIC Lucija

    Countries : Spain

    Duration : 00:04:38

    Synopsis : A Rohingya man is stranded in the Andaman Sea on a fishing boat loaded with men, women and children fleeing for their lives. He is haunted by the song his mother sang him. Why did he have to escape?

  • Money and Happiness

    Money and Happiness

    Director : NEDELJKOVIĆ Ana, MAJDAK JR. Nikola

    Countries : Serbia, Slovenia, Slovakia

    Duration : 00:09:48

    Synopsis : The hamsters live and work in Hamsterland, which is a perfect state with a perfect economy. The GDP grows steadily, there is no unemployment and 100% of the population declare themselves to be happy.

  • Nurit


    Director : TAL Sohini

    Countries : Israel

    Duration : 00:11:25

    Synopsis : Nurit walks us through her journey into motherhood, which begins with a silent birth, continues to fertility treatments, and ends up with fixing the Eilat cemetery, where she finds closure.

  • O cacto

    O cacto

    Director : KUMP Ricardo

    Countries : Brazil

    Duration : 00:10:24

    Synopsis : A man finds himself paralyzed in a remote and hostile environment after an accident. His situation takes on new directions as he accepts his new reality.

  • Saleeg


    Director : BAWYAN Afnan

    Countries : Saudi Arabia

    Duration : 00:09:39

    Synopsis : A grandmother living amongst strangers must confront her stubbornly independent nature when she accidentally causes a pot of boiling rice to overflow, which turns into a flood threatening her house.

  • Shanghai Zhi Chun

    Shanghai Zhi Chun

    Director : XUN Sun

    Countries : China

    Duration : 00:11:00

    Synopsis : Initially, on 1st April 2022, the Shanghai government asked people to stay at home in quarantine for five days, but it reneged on its promise and the city closed for two months. Sun Xun was also quarantined in a hotel. Everyone was unprepared.

  • Sjeti se kako sam jahala bijelog konja

    Sjeti se kako sam jahala bijelog konja

    Director : BOSNJAK VOLDA Ivana, JOHNSON VOLDA Thomas

    Countries : Croatia

    Duration : 00:10:00

    Synopsis : Time continuously elapses, and apathy can trap consciousness into a loop. Escaping this stagnation one can discover the true beauty of existence.

  • The Crowd

    The Crowd

    Director : KIRCA Pelin

    Countries : Turkey

    Duration : 00:07:06

    Synopsis : The crowd is untruth.

  • To You

    To You

    Director : LAZHARI Wafa

    Countries : Tunisia

    Duration : 00:18:00

    Synopsis : Old, dark memories are drawn onto stardust. Either I condemn you, or I free you from your agony.

  • Trasiego


    Director : WOOLRICH Amanda

    Countries : Mexico, Canada

    Duration : 00:07:15

    Synopsis : A conversation between a grandmother and her granddaughter through their notebooks and landscape sketches discussing four themes: death, migration, memory and expression.

  • Where Is the Key?

    Where Is the Key?

    Director : SPROGE Indra

    Countries : Latvia

    Duration : 00:07:15

    Synopsis : Seeking a way out of depression, Lara tries using other people’s experiences, but she only finds the key when she finds a real connection to herself.