BackShort Films Off-Limits in Competition

  • Algodreams


    Director : TODOROVIC Vladimir

    Countries : Australia

    Duration : 00:11:35

    Synopsis : Algodreams are created by prompting AI systems to dream about the future of life on planet Earth. Their stories, animations and sounds are shaped by numbers, predictions and mathematical models.

  • Cave Painting

    Cave Painting

    Director : FRUHAUF Siegfried A.

    Countries : Austria

    Duration : 00:14:30

    Synopsis : In Siegfried Fruhauf’s dream-like etude, human traces from an unimaginably distant past appear as an intensified vision of the origin of painting.

  • Das feine Zirpen einer Dunkelziffer

    Das feine Zirpen einer Dunkelziffer

    Director : SEBERT Vera

    Countries : Austria

    Duration : 00:10:11

    Synopsis : Like a single film frame, insects flash for a fraction of a second, only to immediately withdraw from the field of vision again.

  • I Can't Go on Like This by Aria Covamonas from Planet Earth

    I Can't Go on Like This by Aria Covamonas from Planet Earth

    Director : COVAMONAS Aria

    Countries : Mexico

    Duration : 00:02:51

    Synopsis : Some individuals tell their gloomy stories and then transform into something horrible.

  • Is Heaven Blue? #2

    Is Heaven Blue? #2

    Director : DE NOOIJER Menno, DE NOOIJER Paul

    Countries : Norway, Netherlands

    Duration : 00:16:55

    Synopsis : What was young gets old, what was healthy is sick. Uncertainty has crept in. What started out tough ends in melancholy. In that sense, this is a farewell.

  • Motus


    Director : FERNANDES Nelson

    Countries : Portugal

    Duration : 00:04:10

    Synopsis : Motus: a body in motion. A stop-motion animation where conception, degradation and regeneration cohabit in a unique way. A creation on a metal sheet using ethanol as the raw material.

  • The Transient

    The Transient

    Director : PINK TWINS

    Countries : Finland

    Duration : 00:10:10

    Synopsis : What is The Transient? It is that fleeting moment when you question what you are seeing when the uncanny valley takes over and when harmonious wildlife is revealed as an obsessive manipulation of nature.