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French Animation: The Mirror Effect – View from Hollywood

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American producer Ron Diamond was chosen to put together a programme for the Festival about how French animation as is seen from the hills of Hollywood.

The Californian Ron Diamond (Acme Filmworks) is a big advocate for animation who has been presenting an annual selection of outstanding shorts since 1998 in his Animation Show of Shows. His programmes are screened all over the US, including inside the walls of major studios like Disney, Pixar and DreamWorks.

The Annecy Festival asked Mr Diamond if he would be so kind as to compile a programme reflecting Hollywood’s vision of French animation. It’s no surprise that some of the shorts that got noticed by the Pacific-dweller were some of France’s biggest modern hits: Jérémy Clapin’s Skhizein, The Crab Revolution by Arthur de Pins, At the End of the Earth by Konstantin Bronzit and Michaël Dudok de Wit’s The Monk and the Fish.

He’s also included three graduation films that made a splash at festivals all over the world like Overtime, En tus brazos and Ascension.

The programme is completed by three films with diverse qualities: first, the singular beauty of Joanna Lurie’s The Silence Beneath the Bark, the exceptional technical and storytelling skills of Fabrice O Joubert and his French Roast, and finally, the new aesthetic style of Bastien Dubois’ Madagascar, a Journey Diary.


  • Skhizein

    France - Jérémy CLAPIN

  • Le silence sous l'écorce

    France - Joanna LURIE

  • La Révolution des crabes

    France - Arthur DE PINS

  • Overtime

    France - Oury ATLAN, Thibaut BERLAND, Damien FERRIÉ

  • French Roast

    France - Fabrice O. JOUBERT

  • En tus brazos

    France - Fx GOBY, Edouard JOURET, Matthieu LANDOUR

  • Madagascar, carnet de voyage

    France - Bastien DUBOIS

  • Ascension

    France - Thomas BOURDIS, Caroline DOMERGUE, Martin DE COUDENHOVE, Colin LAUBRY, Florian VECCHIONE

  • Au bout du monde

    France - Konstantin BRONZIT

  • Le Moine et le Poisson

    France - Michaël DUDOK DE WIT

When and where ?

    • Monday 13 June
    • 17:00 → 18:21
    • Cinéma Pathé Pathé 3
    • Thursday 16 June
    • 11:00 → 12:21
    • Cinéma Pathé Pathé 3
    • Monday 20 March
    • 17:00 → 18:21
    • Cinéma Pathé Pathé 3
    • Thursday 23 March
    • 11:00 → 12:21
    • Cinéma Pathé Pathé 3
    • Monday 17 April
    • 17:00 → 18:21
    • Cinéma Pathé Pathé 3
    • Thursday 20 April
    • 11:00 → 12:21
    • Cinéma Pathé Pathé 3
    • Monday 19 June
    • 17:00 → 18:21
    • Cinéma Pathé Pathé 3