Inverso Mundus The World Upside Down

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It’s the French premiere of this remarkable video installation that was conceived by the internationally acclaimed Russian art group: AES+F.

The AES+F group, made up of four artists from the architecture, design, fashion, illustration, animation and art scenes, invite you to discover their astonishing multi-channel video installation.

Derived from 16th century engravings representing scenes where characters’ roles are reversed and depicting demons, chimeras and flying fish, AES+F has interpreted these absurd scenes from medieval carnivals to appear as episodes of contemporary life.

Exhibited within the impressive structure of the old riding school, haras, an enormous one-of-a-kind screen (40m x 4m) will present this installation which is emblematic of today’s digital moving images.

Buckle up for this sensitive, intelligent, sensual and imaginary experience that will leave you stunned.

La Fondation pour l’art contemporain Claudine et Jean-Marc Salomon and imagespassages.

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