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The Boy and the Beast

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Following his smash hit "Wolf Children" in 2012, Mamoru Hosoda’s most recent feature caused quite a stir at the beginning of this year, confirming him as major revelation in Japanese animation.

After his mother’s death, Ren decides not to live with his guardians but fend for himself in the streets of Tokyo. There, he meets the powerful warrior Kumatetsu, and retreats into the world of beasts. Being one of two contenders to become the new Beast Lord of the realm, Kumatetsu must train an apprentice before earning the title. He chooses Ren as his disciple and changes the boy’s name to Kyuta.

The Boy and the Beast was an instant hit with the Japanese public, notching up an audience of over 12 million. And, although the feature was only released in a few theatres in France, it also managed to create an impact with French fans. All the more reason not to miss it this time around!



  • The Boy and the Beast

    Japan - Mamoru HOSODA

When and where ?

    • Wednesday 15 June
    • 22:15 → 23:45
    • Le Pâquier
    • VF