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Pitching - Territory Focus

Focus on South-East Asia@Mifa 2020

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Reserve a meeting with the project leaders between Monday 15th June, 9:00 am and Tuesday 16th June, 7:00 am, and join them on Tuesday 16th June at 9:00-11:00 am (Central European Time - CET).

A unique opportunity to see the 5 most promising pitched projects from Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines and Singapore.

As part of the 2019 Animation du Monde’s call for projects, the selected directors from SE Asia were then mentored by French experts – a producer, screenwriter and coach, all renowned professionals from the sector – to guide them through their video projects’ production process.

Here is the result of this collaboration, which was supported by the French Embassy in Singapore & the Mifa, showcased here for the very first time!

Session in English




  • Abbu's Best Curry in the World

    Malaysia - Rohaidzam RASHID

  • Home

    Indonesia - Arunaya GONDHOWIARDJO

  • Salad Bunnies

    Malaysia - Juhaidah JOEMIN, Sandra KHOO

  • Sherlock Sam and the Supper Club

    Singapore, Philippines - Yoshiya AYUGAI

  • Papa Jorge's Bedtime Radio Confessions

    Philippines - Emmanuel ANGELES

When and where ?

    • Monday 15 June
    • 09:00 → 10:30
    • annecy.org