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What Makes a Hit?

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Nickelodeon explores developing and creating hit content for today's global audience.

Technology has enabled more connectivity, and provided a greater number of resources to creators than ever before. Virtually anyone can be a creator in some way or another. At Nickelodeon, the brand, its characters and its stories are traveling beyond traditional boundaries and resonating with kids all around the world like never before.

Nina Hahn, SVP, Development, Nickelodeon International and James Stephenson, Animation and Games, Nickelodeon U.S., will explore how Nickelodeon develops and produces hit content, from long form to short form, for kids everywhere. They will answer questions such as: How do we reach a global community of artists and creators? How do we create and share content that is universally loved by kids around the globe? What is the process to find and create animation that connects emotionally? What are the production and distribution models that enable this global approach? Please join us for a candid conversation around the creative, technical and business opportunities that have helped to make Nickelodeon's beloved content and brand one of the world's leading brands for kids and family.



Admission info

Open to Students, Festival+ and Mifa badgeholders, by reservation

When and where ?

    • Wednesday 15 June
    • 16:00 → 17:15
    • Salle Pierre Lamy
    • Wednesday 22 March
    • 16:00 → 17:15
    • Salle Pierre Lamy
    • Wednesday 19 April
    • 16:00 → 17:15
    • Salle Pierre Lamy
    • Wednesday 21 June
    • 16:00 → 17:15
    • Salle Pierre Lamy