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Disney’s latest colourfully fantastic feature that we saw exclusive first footage from at Annecy 2015 will be shown in its entirety this year.

Zootopia is a huge city where all sorts of animals live together. Judy Hopps, a fresh country rabbit, decides to try her luck to make her dream come true of becoming a city cop. But she has to prove to her coworkers that she’s got what it takes since they just think she’s a little bunny with big dreams.

When she takes on a kidnapping case, she meets a wily fox named Nick Wilde who ends up helping her against his will.

Zootopia is a story of not judging a book by its cover and shows how what makes us all different can be our strength.

A great lesson in humanity to share with your friends or family under the stars.

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When and where ?

    • Friday 17 June
    • 22:00 → 23:30
    • La Turbine
    • VF