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La Révolution des crabes
The Crab Revolution

  1. Overview
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In the browny waters of the Gironde estuary, no one is aware of the tragedy that has pervaded us for the last one hundred and twenty million years. We are the Pachygrapsus Marmoratus, commonly known as "depressed crabs"...

The film

  • Film identity

    Original title: La Révolution des crabes

    Directed by: Arthur DE PINS

    Country: France

    Year of production: 2004

    Running time: 04 min 50 s

  • Technique

    Category: Short film

    Techniques used: photos, 2D/3D computer

    Version: Version originale française

    Target public: All audiences

  • Credits

    Directed by: Arthur DE PINS

    Production: METRONOMIC

    Distribution: PREMIUM FILMS

    Script: Arthur de Pins

    Graphics: Arthur de Pins

    Animation: Arthur de Pins

    Camera: Arthur de Pins

    Music: Bertrand Burgalat

    Sound: Arthur de Pins

    Editing: Arthur de Pins

    Voice: Arthur de Pins