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Twende "Smoothie Operator"

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Twende is a pangolin - the slowest moving animal in the Savannah. His belief that "life is about the journey, not the destination" is constantly at odds with his job as a boda boda driver.

The film

  • Film identity

    Original title: Twende "Smoothie Operator"

    Directed by: Mike SCOTT

    Country: South Africa, USA, Kenya, United Kingdom

    Year of production: 2021

    Running time: 11 min 33 s × 52 episodes

  • Technique

    Category: TV serie

    Techniques used: 2D computer

    Version: Original English version French subtitles

    Process: Colour

    Target public: Kids

  • Credits

    Directed by: Mike SCOTT

    Production: Charlie MAAS, Regan MAAS, Kwame NYONG'O, BRAINTRUST, Hélène SIFRE, MIND'S EYE CREATIVE, Sam BANK, Nick CLOETE, Jenna GIEN

    Artistic direction: Kayla Archer

    Script: Mike Scott, Sheldon Bengtson

    Graphics: Kayla Archer

    Music: Eric Musyoka

    Sound: Pete O'Donoghue

    Voice: Junior Nyong'o, June Gachui