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Annecy 2022
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The elements for the Annecy 2022 edition of the Annecy Festival and its Market (Mifa) are online and available to download.

You can also find material on the overall atmosphere at the Annecy International Animated Film Festival.

Themed documents

Coming soon

Annecy 2022 is coming

An overview in pictures of what you’ll find during Annecy 2022.

Switzerland in the Spotlight

To celebrate Swiss animation’s 100-year anniversary in 2021, our Swiss friends are centre stage for the Annecy Festival’s 46th edition! More info

Feature films in competition

The Official

Goodbye, Donglees! The Island Interdit aux chiens et aux italiens Nayola

Charlotte Le Petit Nicolas My love affair Saules aveugles, femme endormie

Unicorn Wars


Silver Bird Pléthores de Nords Yaya e Lennie Quantum Cowboys

Chun Home is somewhere else Aurora's Sunrise Khamsa

My Grandfather's Demon

Check out the Annecy 2022 programme

Annecy’s atmosphere

> Aftermovie 2021

Photos to download

Check out all the photos from the Annecy Festival on Flickr

Check out all the Annecy 2022 visuals, adapted for the different types of supports, all downloadable from our graphic Chart page.

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