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Annecy 2023 Programme

Along with many other programme features, the next part of the Annecy 2023 Official Selection was revealed during the Festival’s press conference!

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Mexican Animation in the Spotlight

This year, Annecy is adorned with the colours of Mexican animation.

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WTF Is Back!

Get ready to be taken by surprise and amazed, we are revealing our WTF2023 programme!

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2023 Mifa Pitches: A Selection Reflecting Society!

Committed, confrontational or militant,
Mellow, poetic or heartwarming,
Introspective, personal or self-critical, 
Entertaining, legendary or whimsical...

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Annecy Celebrates Pride and Diversity

The Animation, Pride and Diversity theme will be in the spotlight at Annecy in 2023, with four short film programmes available to festivalgoers.

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Annecy Festival Commits!

For its 2023 edition, the Annecy International Animation Festival and its Market (Mifa) are continuing their efforts with their eco-responsible approach.

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The 2023 Residency is Up and Running!

Our 2023 winners have just joined the third Annecy Festival Residency for three intense, stimulating and productive months. Now is the time to present their distinguished mentors!

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