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8th Dec 2009

  Forum Blanc: Animation & Cross-Media Conferences 

From Wednesday 13 to Friday 15 January 2010

If you would like to find out more about developments in the audiovisual and cinema sectors, sign up for these conferences.

Cross-media development: a strategic challenge for the animation industry.


Developments in cross-media seem all too often to be expressed like magic spells in the world of animation. Illusion for some, promising advances for others, they remain a probable but intangible way forward.

However, immense prospects have been opened up by technological advances towards changing habits by the contradictory phenomena of convergence and proliferation of different narrative forms, which can only be beneficial, particularly in the world of animation.

Recognising these needs, as well as the difficulty for European professionals to find their place in this crucial strategic challenge, CITIA is offering a complete 360° vision of the issues linked to cross-media development to specialists in animation, video game, broadcast, new interactive services and mobile telephones, through the Forum Blanc conferences, keynote presentations, case studies and debates.

See you at Grand Bornand on the 13th, 14th and 15th January 2010!

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