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14th Nov 2023

  Mifa Campus International – Talents: Back from Cuba 

The first Mifa Campus International – Talents 2023/2024 workshop has just finished in Havana, in collaboration with the French Embassy in Cuba.

Under the guidance of Delphine Nicolini (Mifa Campus International – Talents Coordinator), assisted by Claire Fouquet (Director) and Louis Jacobée (Head of Audiovisual Rights), the workshop was held from 30th October to 2nd November with 5 Cuban project leaders:

  • Alexander Rodríguez, Champions Stories (feature film) 
  • Bryan Romero, Luminous Fruits (short film) 
  • Carolina Fernández-Vega Charadán, The Virgen Triste (feature film) 
  • Vladimir García Herrera and Rosse Suárez Fagales, Inhospitable World (feature film) 
  • Jean Alex Noa Castro, Recuerdos de Sal (feature film)

Under the experts’ watchful eyes, the projects made a giant leap forward. The project leaders’ unrelenting motivation and their dedicated hard work saw them flourish in just a few short days!

Mifa Campus International – Talents : Cuba   Mifa Campus International – Talents : Cuba

At the end of the workshop, each participant gave a pitch presentation of their project, with the aim of being selected to attend the Mifa in June 2024!

Congratulations to Carolina Fernández-Vega Charadán, who won first prize with The Virgen Triste, and to the duo Vladimir García Herrera and Rosse Suárez Fagales, who were awarded a special distinction for the project Inhospitable World.

All in all, we are delighted with this Mifa Campus International – Talents, which made it possible once again to explore a territory where animation is still in its fledgling stages, to identify talented authors and share this fresh spirit with the international animation film community next June in Annecy. So, come and see the presentation of their Cuban animation at the event!

Mifa Campus International – Cuba

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