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Rencontre avec un réalisateur

12th Jun 2023

  Meeting a Director 

The cherry on the cake! While everyone worked on producing an amateur animation short film as part of their artistic and cultural educational journey, CITIA enabled the pupils to end the year in grand style by participating in the Annecy Festival in a very unique way.

Almost 700 pupils from primary to high school age were lucky enough to attend a screening-debate in the presence of an artist. Each carefully chosen artist’s universe is perfectly suited to its specific audience.

This year, Director Marjolaine Perreten shared her graphic poetry with young audiences. Her films, such as Novembre, The Last Day of Autumn and Pebble Hill, aroused curiosity and emotion.

Georges Schwizgebel, a leading figure in Swiss animation and a regular at Annecy, met school pupils from the region. His visual approach and the predominant role he assigns to the music in each of his films captivated the audience. It was a thoroughly engaging experience!

Lastly, Jean-Charles Mbotti Malolo gave us the great honour of returning to be with a school audience. Through his film Make It Soul, the artist shared his experiences and deep bond he nurtures with music and the body in motion.

At the end of their session, pupils eagerly raised their hands to ask the artists questions about their artistic approach, techniques, career path and profession. The pupils received generous and inspiring responses that will no doubt influence some of them in their vocations.