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18th May 2023

  Discover the Annecy Classics and Midnight Specials Programmes! 

The Annecy Festival, a deliciously rich and eclectic programme...
After announcing the various categories in competition, the Official Selection will include two unmissable programmes the festivalgoers know all too well: the iconoclastic Midnight Specials screenings and the timeless Annecy Classics.

Annecy Classics

To travel through the history of animation film and its fascinating universe, re-watch the classics or discover some animation gems: a programme that brushes away the cobwebs from its heritage!

This year’s line-up, in particular includes:
Rintarō with Galaxy Express 999, Time Masters by René Laloux and Theodore Ushev: Unseen Connections by Borislav Kolev. An exhibition at the Musée-Château will also be dedicated to Ushev: “Theodore Ushev, Mind and Matter”.

Midnight Specials

Exempt from rules and decorum, these screenings are not recommended for the light-hearted (unsuitable for under 16s) and give centre stage to insolence, irreverence and brazenness, and can sometimes be a tad racy! And, as the climax, the glorious WTF programme!

When talent rides tandem with insolence, the experimental and unexpected are never far away: do you love being stupefied? See you at the Midnight Specials!

Check out the full programme:

2023 Programme