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3rd Apr 2023

  The 2023 Residency is Up and Running! 

Our 2023 winners have just joined the third Annecy Festival Residency for three intense, stimulating and productive months. Now is the time to present their distinguished mentors!

A few months back, we revealed the projects selected to join the third Annecy Festival Residency dedicated to animation feature film graphic development.

Caroline Cherrier and her project Le Dernier des cailloux, Areito Echevarria and Raqi Syed with their project Shadow Work, as well as Wesley Rodrigues and his project The Bird Kingdom, have all just arrived in Annecy from France, New Zealand and Brazil respectively.

You can find their projects in greater detail on the page dedicated to the Residency.

Today, we are introducing the mentors who will support them in their creative process. This mentoring takes place in two phases. First, before arriving, they provide support on the script and afterwards, they provide assistance with the project’s graphic choices.

The 2023 mentors are allocated as follows:

  • Anne-Claire Lehembre (script) and Benjamin Renner (graphics) for Le Dernier des cailloux
  • Patrick Somerville (script) and Marc Caro (graphics) for Shadow Work 
  • Fabienne Gambrelle (script) and Tomm Moore (graphics) for The Bird Kingdom

Take a glimpse at the careers and achievements of these 6 mentors and discover what the two mentoring sessions will entail and how they will be organised.
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We hope the new residents settle in well and that this Annecy Festival Residency will enable them to develop their projects, and this progress you will be able to discover in June at the International Animation Film Market.