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Annonce jury

5th May 2022

  Discover the List of Jury Members for the Annecy Festival 2022! 

The names of the jury members have been disclosed! Their mission will be to award the various Annecy Festival 2022 prizes.

Among the films in competition, the jury members have the delicate task of awarding the official prizes, including the Cristal for a Short Film and the Cristal for a Feature Film, as well as the Special Prizes.

We would particularly like to thank them for accepting our invitation.

Feature Films :

  • Charlotte de La Gournerie
    Executive Producer & Co-Founder, Sun Creature Studio, Denmark/France
  • Frédéric Maire
    Director of the National Film Archive, Switzerland
  • Tomm Moore
    Co-Founder & Creative Director, Cartoon Saloon, Ireland 

Short Films :

  • Jean Labadie
    Distributor, Le Pacte, France
  • Adriaan Lokman
    Visual Artist & Videographer, Lokman Space, France/Netherlands
  • Saskia Von Virág
    Producer, Virage Film, Switzerland

Graduation Films and Off-Limits Short Films :

  • Maria Anestopoulou
    Festival Director, Animasyros International Animation Festival, Greece
  • Olivier Calvert
    Sound Designer, Canada
  • Ron Dyens
    Producer, Sacrebleu Productions, France

TV and Commissioned Films :

  • Cesar Cabral
    Director, Coala Filmes, Brazil
  • Laurence Herszberg
    General Director, Séries Mania Festival Lille Hauts-de-France, France
  • Michael Frei
    Director & Producer, Playables, Switzerland

Contrechamp :

  • Ilze Burkovska Jacobsen
    Director & Scriptwriter, Co-Founder, Bivrost Film, Latvia/Norway
  • Félix Dufour-Laperrière
    Director & Producer, Embuscade Films, Quebec
  • Yonfan
    Director, Far Sun Film Co Ltd, Hong Kong SAR, China

VR :

  • Rita Mbanga
    Producer, Sunrise Animation Studios, South Africa
  • Ramsey Naito
    President, Paramount Animation & Nickelodeon Animation, USA
  • Chris Nee
    Creator & Executive Producer, Laughing Wild/Netflix, USA

Find the biographies of the jury members and jury members for the Special Prizes online.

See you on 17th June to discover the Special Prizes and 18th June to discover the Official Awards!