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Photo : D. Bouchet/CITIA

23rd Apr 2018

  The full 2018 official selection! 

Marcel Jean, the artistic director of the Annecy Festival, has announced the Feature Films in and out of Competition for the 2018 Festival!

This year, there were more than 3,080 films submitted to take part in the Annecy Festival official selection, which was a record figure!

Discover the list of Feature Films in and out of Competition for this year’s festival!

Feature Films in Official Selection in Competition at Annecy 2018:

  • Funan by Denis DO – Belgium, Cambodia, France, Luxembourg
  • Cinderella the Cat by Ivan CAPPIELLO, Alessandro RAK, Marino GUARNIERI and Dario SANSONE – Italy
  • The Wolf House by Cristóbal LEÓN and Joaquín COCIÑA – Chile
  • Wall by Cam CHRISTIANSEN – Canada
  • Mirai by Mamorou HOSODA – Japan
  • Okko’s Inn by Kitaro KOSAKA – Japan
  • The Breadwinner by Nora TWOMEY – Canada, Ireland, Luxembourg
  • Seder-Masochism by Nina PALEY – USA
  • Tito and the Birds by Gustavo STEINBERG, Gabriel MATIOLI YAZBEK BITAR and André CATOTO DIAS – Brazil
  • Virus Tropical by Santiago CAICEDO - Colombia

Feature Films in Official Selection out of Competition at Annecy 2018:

  • Captain Morten and the Spider Queen by Kaspar JANCIS – Belgium, Estonia, Ireland, United Kingdom
  • Cats and Peachtopia by Gary WANG – China
  • Chris the Swiss by Anja KOFMEL – Switzerland
  • Chuck Steel: Night of the Trampires by Mike MORT – United Kingdom
  • Hoffmaniada by Stanislav SOKOLOV – Russia
  • Kikoriki: Déjà Vu by Denis CHERNOV – Russia
  • The Tower by Mats GRORUD – France, Norway, Sweden
  • Liz and the Blue Bird by Naoko YAMADA – Japan
  • The Last Fiction by Ashkan RAHGOZAR – Iran
  • Maquia – When the Promised Flower Blooms by Mari OKADA – Japan
  • Marnie’s World by Christoph LAUENSTEIN and Wolfgang LAUENSTEIN – Germany
  • North of Blue by Joanna PRIESTLEY – USA
  • On Happiness Road by Hsin-Yin SUNG – Taiwan
  • The Angel in the Clock by Miguel Ángel URIEGAS – Mexico
  • A Man is Dead by Olivier COSSU – France

The official selection of Short Films, TV and Commissioned Films, and VR@ANNECY has already been announced. You can see it online.

The first parts of the programme of the Festival, Meetings and the Mifa have also just been revealed.

To find out all there is to know about the 2018 Annecy International Animation Film Festival, the Market and Meetings, you can have a look at the Press Kit page and download the press pack.

Last but not least, don’t forget to get accreditation online before 31st May in order to take part in the Festival between 11th and 16th June , the Meetings between 11th and 15th June, and in the Mifa from 12th to 15th June 2018!