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La Rentrée de la filière - Photo : L.Baudillon/CITIA

13th Oct 2016

  Winners for 2016 Revealed 

Winners of both the support platform for innovative projects and funding assistance for production have now been revealed.

The winners were announced at the Sector’s New Season meeting on Thursday 13th October.

Winners of the support platform for innovative projects
This support programme, created by CITIA and financed by the Savoie region Assembly, offers help to projects from graduation course work or start-ups and involves a network of experts and industry professionals that encourages an ecosystem conducive to innovation.

Selected projects for this year:

  • LILM: this B to C online platform selects craftspeople working in art, furniture, decoration, jewellery and accessories and proposes unique, small series or made-to-measure items for sale.
    Allotted funds: 12,000 €
  • The Local Bird: this platform organises made-to-measure trips to the Alps, based on a local community of enthusiasts called the Insiders.
    Allotted funds: 12,000 €.
  • Octopus by Joy: this connected watch helps young children learn good habits and the notion of time.
    Allotted funds: 4,000 €.

Winners of funding assistance for production
This funding assistance, set up by the Haute-Savoie Departmental Council and implemented by CITIA, encourages projects to be made within the region. It is targeted to producers of TV series or specials and project developers whose productions are created using technical and/or human means totally or partly in Haute-Savoie.

Selected projects: