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Annecy French Tech soutenue à l’international !

26th Sep 2014

  Annecy French Tech: international support! 

Annecy's bid for the French Tech label is being backed by some big international names from the world of animation.

To mobilise efforts in favour of the growth and expansion of the French digital economy, the French government has developed the French Tech label

After joining forces with local companies for this bid, CITIA has been looking further afield by seeking out support from the network it has created through organising the International Animation Festival and Market.

A number of industry professionals have already accepted to take a selfie in support of the Annecy wants French Tech initiative.

  • The French DreamWorks team with Kristof Serrand, Head of Animation at DreamWorks Animations (photo)

  • One more big like from Doga Kobo, japanese animation studio
    Studio Doga Kobo

  • Bill Plympton and his animation studio
    Bill Plympton

  • Satoshi Yoshida and Nerima city from Japan
    Satoshi Yoshida and Nerima city - Japan

  • Gaurav Malhotra, Artha Animation from India
    Gaurav Malhotra, Artha Animation - India

  • Luiz Bolognesi, Brazilian filmmaker and Annecy 2013 Cristal for a Feature Film winner with Rio 2096: A Story of Love and Fur
    Luiz Bolognesi, 2013 Cristal for feature film

  • Anand Gurnani, animation film producer in Mumbai, India
    Anand Gurnani, Producer - India

  • Puneet Sharma, technical Advisor at Aptech (Arena Animation) and Joint Secretary of the The Animation Society of India
    Puneet Sharma, Arena Animation

  • Amrita Valecha from Green Gold Animation in India
    Amrita Valecha - Green Gold Animation - Inde

  • The team of animation studioHibari, Japan
    Studio Hibari - Japan

Thanks to them for their investment!