Students studying animation, film, audiovisual, multimedia, art, music, gaming, or special effects, come and attend the 2024 edition of the Annecy Festival and the Mifa!
Explore our tailor-made offer to give you access to content specifically for students and young talent, and start paving the way for your professional future.

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Students, take advantage of an accreditation that gives you access to specific content at the Festival and the Mifa to prepare you for your professional future.

70eurosVAT incl.

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Prices valid until 29th February 2024

Animated content

The Annecy Festival gives you the opportunity to discover a rich overview of current animation. Watch the latest animated works of art, check out the latest and future animation techniques, discover this edition’s Official Selection. A genuine source of inspiration for students and young talents to learn the latest animated trends.

Rich encounters

The Festival and the Mifa are unique opportunities to meet animation professionals. Discussions about films, demonstrations on the creation process, presentations of the latest tools, conferences, and much more. Multiple presentations are organised to see everything there is to know about the animation industry.

Inspiring sessions

Attend the Talent Panels, for students and young talents aimed at completing your knowledge concerning training courses, recruitment or the creation process. Also, take advantage of the recruitment sessions to present your books or demo reels to the major animation studios and maybe land your next job!

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